Meet The Team

It’s time for you to meet the team behind Western Espresso Coffee & Tea!

mark-liebertMark Liebert

Born in St Louis, via Las Vegas, Mark has resided in the Bay Area for the past 30+ years and lives in a quaint floating home in Sausalito.

He is an avid runner and always seems to be training for some marathon somewhere.

You can also find him kayaking the waters near his home or maybe even practicing yoga.

Besides his passion for coffee and tea, he has had a few occupations to learn about life, including: disc jockey, taxi driver, bus boy, hotel/casino manager, candle maker, bellman, triathlon and marathon race director, concession/bar manager (all in no particular order, or reason).

He is working on one day becoming a philanthropist, so in the meantime for practice, has founded and also directs his Sustainable Sports Foundation.

It is a wonderful organization that provides underprivileged children in the community with the opportunity to learn to swim and to be safe in and around the water.

His all-time favorite date was lunch, long ago, with Debra Winger.

Favorite blend:  Organic Guatemalan French


florence-hendersonFlorence Henderson
Customer Service 

Direct from Glasgow, Scotland, she has spent almost half her life with our company (well, it sure seems that way) and is not at all related to the Brady Bunch.

Though petite in stature, Florence is a huge advocate of San Francisco – along with being a devoted and fanatic Warriors, Giants and 49er fan!

Loves Indian food.

She is very passionate about her coffee and yoga.

Favorite yoga:  Bikram

Favorite blend:  Organic Guatemalan


denis-collinsDenis Collins
Customer Service 

A San Francisco native, Denis has the most constant smile of the group.

A graduate of Sonoma State University.

He is the most knowledgeable devotee of every kind of sports in the Bay Area.

A huge movie buff.

Denis, his lovely wife Allie and their little ones, live in Marin..

Favorite blend:  Organic French Roast


FullSizeRender-4-smallWes Farrington
Customer Service

Born in Grass Valley and raised in Burlingame, Wes may be the most personable of the group, always with a gleam in his eyes.

Growing up as a middle child (between an older and younger brother) his motto was jokingly “neglected, rejected and picked on!”

We think he has gotten over that though now.

His love of family above all, Bay Area sports teams and Marin County (where he and his wife live) are truly evident.

Favorite blend:  Organic Dipsea Trail Blend